Querium is a Corporation that uses AI to help students with STEM skills to learn Mathematics, Pre- Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Formal Logic.They create StepWise which is an AI and patented technology.

I redesigned and made the whole site in WordPress using Avada.

StepWise is a Querium Artificial Intelligence project that specializes in helping students with math problems mainly, in this project I made the WordPress Site with Avada, used Memberpress in conjunction with Mailchimp for memberships and marketing, and OAuth server for Third party Authentication.

A family Restaurant in Carlsbad, CA. with some Mexican recipes for breakfast and lunch.

I made the entire site in WordPress Using Elementor.

This a bohemian restaurant in Carlsbad with some Mexican, Italian, and other recipes, good wine, and jazz.

I made the entire site using Elementor.

As part of this project, I redesigned the main page and menu, since the client wanted a more casual and cool look.
I made the modifications using Elementor.

I had the opportunity to work with the UK Government course platform powered by Open EdX and design the 404 error page following the color protocols and using the text that was indicated to me, and also make the server error page previously designed by them, I made both pages with HTML and CSS.

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